Filling the Creative Well

Gather Your Creative Supplies for your Creative Adventure

The course will help you make those changes to develop your creative practice. Getting to know your creative self through a selection of Video Tutorials, Audio, PDF, and downloadable images and more!
Selection of resources created in the course.
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Increase Your Creativity and Unlock your hidden talents

Inspired Creative Habits

Develop your systems of self-care using your creativity

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Increase Your Creativity and Unlock your Hidden Talent!

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    • Preparation week activities - Welcome to Week 1

    • A Note about The Supplies

    • Composition Notebook - Week One Introduction

    • Covering Your Composition Notebook

    • Creating Your Own Background Pages

    • Creating Your own Toppers from Background Papers

    • Working in Your Journal - Week 1

    • Inspirational Shorts - Introduction

    • Inspirational Shorts Audio - Week 1

    • Inspirational Shorts - Listening - Week 1 (replacement audio)

    • Inspirational Shorts Text - Week 1 Download

    • Mixed Media Collage - Week 1

    • Mandala Coloring page Introduction

    • Coloring Page Mandala - Week 1

    • Reflections for Week 1

    • Creating Your Own Stamps and Stencils Part 1

    • Creating your own Stamps and Stencils - Part 2

  3. 3
    • Welcome to Week 2

    • Questions for Your Art Journal - Week 2

    • Daily Words for Self Care PDF

    • Inspirational Cards - Introduction

    • Inspiration Cards

    • Inspirational Cards Holder

    • Inspirational Shorts Audio and PDF - Week 2

    • Mixed Media Collage Week 2

    • Coloring Page Mandala - Week 2

    • Reflections - Week 2

  4. 4
    • Welcome to Week 3

    • Ideas and Prompts for Self Care - Week 3

    • Inspirational Shorts Audio and PDF - Week 3

    • Mixed Media Collage - Week 3

    • Coloring Page Mandala - Week 3

    • Vessels - Mixed Media Art Bowls - Introduction

    • Mixed Media Art Bowls - Part 1

    • Mixed Media Art Bowls - Part 2

    • Mixed Media Art Bowls - Part 3

    • Mixed Media Art Bowls - Part 4

    • Mixed Media Art Bowls - Part 5

    • Reflections for Week 3

  5. 5
    • Welcome to Week 4

    • Inspirational Shorts Audio and PDF - Week 4

    • Inspirational Shorts - Full Video

    • Mixed Media Collage - Week 4

    • Coloring Page Mandala - Week 4

    • Mandala and Affirmations Coloring Book - Full

    • Phrases of Success - With background Music and pdf

    • Phrases of Success without Background Music

    • Art Journal Flip Through Week 4

    • Reflections - Week 4

    • Art Journal Update - Week 4

    • Stitched Project - Week 4

    • After Course Questions

Creative Adventure

Join the Creative Adventure of Filling the Creative Well, over 50 Lessons in the course for you to take at your own pace as you develop your creative practice.

Bonus material

Here is a selection of additional content to your course curriculum that you will receive.

  • Bonus - Coloring Book

    In the fourth week you get to download a 96 Page Mandala and Affirmations Coloring Book for you to keep. A great way to practice mindfulness - Taking time out to be creative and speak encouraging words over yourself.

  • Bonus - Inspiration Video

    Inspirational Shorts are words of encouragement in written and audio form. You also receive a video that you can use in your creative practice, to inspire and encourage.

  • Bonus - Art Backgrounds

    20 Page Mixed Media art Background designs for you to use in your art journal and creative projects.

Inspiration Cards

We create our sets of Inspiration cards - once you start you won't want to stop! These are our creative love notes to ourselves.


  • Do I need to be an Artist to join?

    The course is suitable for all, there are additional guidelines for the complete beginner and suggestions for the more advanced.

  • How Long do I have access to the course

    The Course is self directed, you have life-time access so can go at your own pace.

  • Can I share My work?

    Yes there will be a dedicated Facebook group that you can share and be part of the creative community.

  • What is the regular price for the Course?

    The course is $89

  • Is there a supplies list?

    There is a supplies list provided. I suggest that you first look and see what you have and what can be substituted before rushing out and purchasing all on the list.


Amanda Trought

Amanda is a London Born Mixed Media Artist and has been creating and collaborating with a variety of artists around the world in group as well as solo exhibitions in London UK, Barbados, Montserrat, and US Virgin Islands. She is a 6 times Award Winning Mixed Media Artist, winning the NIFCA Professional Artist Silver and Three Bronze Awards, Barbados, and Two Awards at the Central Bank Crop Over Visual Arts Exhibition in Barbados She loves creating and uses a variety of materials such as clay, fabric, recycled materials, collage, natural fibers and dyes to create art, art journals and tells a story that impacts the viewer through the use of color and texture.